My life after losing Christy…

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am grateful to all who have responded to my
blog, letting me know that they have been helped. I wasn’t so keen on exposing her life so publicly, but as I said before, I was compelled to do so by Christy and our communications since her death. I know there are those who think I have lost my mind to grief, but I assure you, I have gained insight as well.

I have gone back to my Art. I am still doing Portraits but I have also expanded my Watercolor and exploring other artistic horizons. I find doing my Art comforting and therapeutic. I am taking some more classes and learning new ways to express myself that will hopefully resonate with others.

I carry Christy with me every second of everyday as well as my parents and other loved ones who have crossed over and my hope is to be able to convey my experiences going forward, so that others may be helped as well.

Until next time, blessings and hugs.


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